Mastering Self-Direction for Voice Actors Webinar




How well do you take direction? Do you find you get direction so infrequently that you second-guess everything you’re given? Or worse, you fight it?

Self-direction has become something of a catchphrase recently, yet it’s been the basis of our training at Actors’ SOUND ADVICE for more than 20 years. We feel the most useful training you can possibly receive, as a professional talent, is guidance on how to master self-direction, considering we often live with the misconception that whoever is casting already knows what they want, and can articulate that direction to us. Not even close.

The truth is, you’re not likely to get much direction at all. This is the case for auditions and sessions alike, regardless of your skill level or experience. All the more reason why you must learn to effectively self-direct rather than wait to be told what to do.

Hosts Kate McClanaghan and Jeff Finney and moderator Graeme Spicer share their wisdom and expertise during the next Actors’ SOUND ADVICE Masterclass Webinar as they define the most successful way to Master Self-Direction: A Step-by-Step Guide.

During this 90-minute Webinar:

  • Receive our exclusive, Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Self-Direction
  • Discover what to focus your attention on to build your performance muscle memory skills, and offer the most dynamic deliveries!
  • We’ll introduce you to several remarkable performance techniques designed to challenge your comfort zone and develop your performance muscle
  • FOUR participating talent will be randomly chosen & taken through this exclusive routine
  • Recorded to review and follow for further future benefits, or if you won’t be able to join us LIVE!

PLUS: Receive our exclusive, recently updated, Vocal Warm Up, a half-hour recording and guide to follow to develop and maintain vocal prowess and agility, a $39+ value!

  The Terms of Service Agreement for this Webinar and its contents are a legally binding contract between you, the Actors’ SOUND ADVICE Masterclass Webinar participant, and Kate McClanaghan, Jeff Finney, and Actors’ SOUND ADVICE (ASA). Any repurposing or resale, or any unauthorized use or reuse, whether in part or whole, of the contents in print, recording, practice, distribution, or redistribution, beyond the original intent to further the individual participants’ voiceover or acting performance skills, is subject to legal action and arbitration. All contents imparted, implied, and/or delivered during this and all related presentations, coaching sessions, blogs, webinars, podcasts, and publications are fully protected Intellectual Property (IP) and owned exclusively by Kate McClanaghan, Jeff Finney and Actors’ SOUND ADVICE. Copyright © 2018 by Kate McClanaghan. All Rights Reserved.


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