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This in-depth, two-hour, one-on-one career and performance assessment session is either delivered in person or via Zoom on your computer.

Regardless of your experience or skill level, this exclusive session is designed to assist you in creating the voice over career you’ve always imagined. We address your specific assets, issues and potential obstacles with solutions to creating a rewarding voice acting career.

Each session is custom-tailored to address the individual talent. We cover a variety topics pertaining to the acting and voiceover industry during this session. What we cover varies from one session to another, however we typically cover:


✔ What’s expected and required of you as a professional, whether you only starting out or not
✔ What makes a remarkable voiceover demo
✔ Who’s your target audience
✔ What agents, producers, directors, and casting need and want from you to be successful
✔ The current trends and recent changes in the voice over industry
✔ What you must do to successfully navigate forward in this industry 

Your one-on-one Orientation/Assessment is designed to assess your immediate performance strengths & weaknesses in advance of coaching in order to better guide your training and career focus. The objective is to reduce as much frustration, time, and costs from the process of creating competitive voiceover demos that represents your greatest assets; that can go the distance.

If there were a shortcut to creating the career you’ve always dreamed of—this would most definitely be it!

This service can be delivered via ZOOM in the comfort of your home computer, and recorded for future reference.




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