Need a great comedy series to binge and get comfortably lost in while the Writer’s and Actor’s Strike wages on?

Well, as we’ve long maintained, wherever we direct our thoughts ultimately impacts our imagination and, as a result, impacts our performance as voice actors.

The same applies to writers and directors as it applies to actors, regardless of the genre or medium. And just as writers must read a great deal to improve their literary prowess and find their voice, actors need to study a variety of recorded media (film, TV and voiceover) that shape our culture and the work we’ll most likely perform. Besides, audition specs are often full of pop culture references from popular TV shows, film and social media. That doesn’t mean you have to watch everything out there to FEED YOUR READ, but…

Here are 101 of some of the best comedy series you’ve either yet to see, or that are well worth revisiting! There’s bound to be a few to suit every funny bone. 

1. Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

2. The Other Two

3. Parks and Recreation  

4. Arrested Development  

5. GLOW 

6. What We Do in the Shadows 

7. ROAR 

8. Shrinking 

9. Party Down 

10. Getting On! 

11. The Bear (okay, technically, it’s a dram-edy; I’d include this one under dramas, too) 

12. Poker Face 

13. Mrs. Davis 

14. White Lotus (BOTH seasons!) 

15. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

16. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

17. Fleabag 

18. Silicon Valley 

19. The Righteous Gemstones  

20. Reservation Dogs 

21. Insecure 

22. Schitt’s Creek  

23. Veep 

24. Dead to Me  

25. The Great 

26. Beef 

27. Black Adder 

28. Faulty Towers 

29. Atlanta 

30. Raising Hope 

31. Don’t Trust the B*tch in Apartment 23 

32. Bad Sisters 

33. Flight of the Conchords 

34. Broad City 

35. Los Espookys 

36. Detroiters  

37. Hacks 

38. Frank of Ireland 

39. Togetherness  

40. The Munsters 

41. The Addams Family 

42. The Comeback  

43. Monk 

44. Get Smart 

45. The Beverly Hillbillies  

46. Bob’s Burgers 

47. My Name is Earl  

48. Reno 911! 

49. 3rd Rock from the Sun 

50. King of the Hill 

51. Extras  

52. Entourage  

53. The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning 

54. You’re the Worst 

55. Transparent  

56. Archer 

57. Fresh Off the Boat 

58. The Odd Couple 

59. Soap 

60. The Bernie Mac Show 

61. Mom 

62. Rick and Morty 

63. Malcolm in the Middle 

64. BoJack Horseman  

65. The Vicar of Dibley  

66. Everybody Hates Chris  

67. The Jeffersons 

68. Futurama  

69. Search Party  

70. Master of None  

71. Barry  

72. Freaks and Geeks  

73. Girls  

74. Martin  

75. The Wonder Years  

76. Sex and the City  

77. Keeping Up Appearances  

78. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (The OG) 

79. The Big Bang Theory 

80. The Bob Newhart Show 

81. The Dick Van Dyke Show  

82. Louie  

83. All in the Family 

84. The Andy Griffith Show  

85. The Honeymooners: Lost Episodes  

86. How I Met Your Mother  

87. Modern Family 

88. Absolutely Fabulous  

89. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia  

90. The Mighty Boosh 

91. The Larry Sanders Show 

92. The Mary Tyler Moore Show  

93. Curb Your Enthusiasm  

94. Only Murders in the Building 

95. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  

96. The Flight Attendant 

97. 30 Rock 

98. Taxi 

99. The Office  

100. Seinfeld  

101. I Love Lucy 

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