Mastering the “Conversational” Read Webinar




Wherever you focus your attention will ultimately develop skills and assets. As the saying goes, we are what we repeatedly do. Which is why exposing yourself to specific disciplines is essential to every skill level of talent.

During this Webinar we cover:

– Defining the most sought-after voiceover quality
– Training (or Re-Training) Your Ear to Know ‘Conversational’ When You Hear It
– Practical Application to Develop a Truly, Honest Delivery
– Mastering the Art of Being Yourself

Talent, like any muscle, demands continued use and development, or it will atrophy. While skill, on the other hand, can and should be taught. Both require continued application to remain sharp and useful. You won’t find techniques and tools of the trade more reliable or as well vetted as you’ll find during this Webinar, unless you coach privately with us!


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