What To Do Once You’ve Produced Your VO Demos Webinar




Discover how to proceed as a professional voice actor whether you’re just starting out, or starting again!

There are as many business models to follow in this industry as there are genres of voiceover. Assuming you’re trained and manned with competitive, professional voiceover demos, how and where you allocate your time and efforts will ultimately define your career.

PLUS, for participating in this Webinar, you’ll receive a link to THREE extraordinary tools:

– A checklist to determine whether your demos are competitive and professional.
– Our exclusive Vocal Warm Up, a half-hour recording and guide to follow to develop and maintain vocal agility.
– Our exclusive, recently updated, “How To Get a Talent Agent for Acting & Voice Over”

The Terms of Service Agreement for this Webinar and its contents are a legally binding contract between you, the Actors’ SOUND ADVICE Masterclass Webinar participant, and Kate McClanaghan, Jeff Finney, and Actors’ SOUND ADVICE (ASA). Any repurposing or resale, or any unauthorized use or reuse, whether in part or whole, of the contents in print, recording, practice, distribution, or redistribution, beyond the original intent to further the individual participants’ voiceover or acting performance skills, is subject to legal action and arbitration. All contents imparted, implied, and/or delivered during this and all related presentations, coaching sessions, blogs, webinars, podcasts, and publications are fully protected Intellectual Property (IP) and owned exclusively by Kate McClanaghan, Jeff Finney and Actors’ SOUND ADVICE. Copyright © 2018 by Kate McClanaghan. All Rights Reserved.


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